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Drolo develops business opportunities for partially or fully automated, intelligent and 5G-connected multifunctional drone concepts that can be utilized in the service businesses of surveillance, logistics and drone operator industries, as well as in the manufacturing and sales businesses of software technology, platform technology and network technology products.

The aim of the project is to (i) enable automated, secure, scalable drone systems, products and services to support future drone applications, as well as to (ii) establish a Finnish Drolo innovation and business ecosystem to accelerate development and secure the competitive edge. The project is linked to European regulatory development so that U-Space services can be launched, tested and piloted in Finland first or among the first. The Living Lab test environment included in DroLo in the Oulu region is ideal in many ways, as it combines piloting with various service needs and flight environments, such as a medium-sized international airport, seaport, inhabited island, medium-sized city center and 5G development center.